Our Mission

Updated: May 10, 2020

Every Mask is a Gift.

What sets us apart?

Different makers use different materials and have different methods. I'm aiming to fill an (albeit) small market. We put a lot of ourselves into these masks and we've also learned a lot.

Every mask we sell helps us get free masks to those on the front line who have a hard time with getting donation masks. Those who come to me are usually those who are just as exposed but are considered less urgent to protect.

We are doing our best to be seen anywhere we can.

Do you Need a Mask?

All you have to do is ask.

Janitors at health facilities. Police officers. Military personnel. At-home nurses. Grocery and essential business workers forced to work without protection. For less than what they would get on unemployment.

We are trying to offer more than just a mask. We are trying to alter the design to be comfortable on your face. And in the mirror. I don't want this mask to take any part of your identity away.

I prioritize the gift requests I get every morning when I come to my sewing space. Nothing else can begin until those masks are packed and ready for the post office.

Thank you for your ongoing support as I try to make sure no one is forgotten at this time.

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