Lets Begin

Hello, I am a mom in the PNW with an idea.

I am a small business owner making masks and street fashion accessories. I have built my business up learning the basics as I go. Web design and SEO are not easy for everyone and this holds so much talent back from the world. Especially now as we go back into lockdown, artists like my mother who once made their livelihoods at art markets and conventions, now feel as if normalcy is even further out of reach. I hope to provide a platform where my existing audience, who love to support growing small businesses, can see what these talented artists have to offer this world.

Artists and Crafters:

Please tag #ShowMeYourCrafts on tiktok or Instagram with your crafting or art profile. Or email us birdie@showme-yourmask.com with the subject "Craft Blog" for inquiries on a free feature blog post.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!