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Just a few days ago we announced that we are now offering to gift masks to Education workers. Thanks to you spreading the word, we are connected with over 50 teachers across the US! (That's more requests than we get in two weeks!) On top of sending free masks to teachers, I am excited to announce we are working with school nurses in multiple schools to supply comfortable masks for students who do not have access to masks from home!

The emails I have read from these educators have touched my heart in ways I can't fully explain. They deserve and need our help as schools gear up to reopen amid a pandemic.

We are receiving more requests than ever before. I am honored to do this work yet I must ask for your continued support with postage as we mail out these masks as fast as we can make them. Please consider buying a mask (new limited styles every week!), all sales from our store go towards the costs to run the website and to pay for supplies.

If you would like to help in another way, please check out our donation link below:

We cannot do this without you.

-Moms Making Masks

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